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Terracina’s long beach

When you go out-of-town on a job, you normally don’t pay much attention to whatever city or town you’re in. It’s in and out. But last week I had a couple of days of work in a seaside town I’d … Continue reading

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Cold snap in Rome

It looked like a warm early spring and most Romans have put away their winter clothes. Yet now we have a cold snap, and many are looking pale, chilled and unhappy. But Roman “cold” is rather relative. Cold snaps I … Continue reading

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Bloggers meet in Piazza Farnese

Unlike this picture, it was a grey and windy day … and I met blogging-friends in person for the very first time. Dona and Peter are enthusiastic foodies, seasoned hikers, curious travelers who have been to many countries, and out-of-the-way … Continue reading

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Back to the Middle Ages

Most tourists come to Italy in search of good food, good wine, and they visit the main cities. They get to see a lot of Roman ruins and Renaissance and Baroque art, but most don’t venture out on their own … Continue reading

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Suburban pumpkins, Harleys and a museum

Back in Rome after a couple of weeks in the USA, everything feels smaller here. Even street-art colours were more exhuberant there. Here we’re cramped for space, streets are narrower, there’s less green and above all less sky.  In the USA, … Continue reading

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Rome does contemporary too …

The Coliseum sounds exciting to most tourists, but when you have to deal with the illogical clogged one-way traffic lanes counter-crossed around it a couple of times a week, it loses its glamour. So when friends visit, I don’t take them … Continue reading

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Blogging and flowers when it’s hot in Rome

  What’s the relationship between blogging and the real world? At a time in which a large portion of world populations seem to be going off the deep end – spurred on by insecurity and fear-mongering segments of world press … Continue reading

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No Summer Solstice in Rome

I was looking forward to celebrating the night of the Summer Solstice, but discovered there’s no such thing in Rome. Or Italy for that matter. Or rather, it’s not celebrated, and besides, it actually happens here a few minutes after … Continue reading

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Olives and coriandoli on Italian trains

  Post WW II European films were all about neo-realism, and scenes in crowded 2° or 3° class train compartments were often a perfect setting. Third class has disappeared since, and most trains nowadays have open space carriages with rows … Continue reading

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Blogging from Rome

On the face of it, writing from here should be easy. When short of ideas, I can just go out and find something striking: the Coliseum or any of hundreds of stunning world-class monuments, churches, piazzas and fountains. The Tiber … Continue reading

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