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Football, fountains and blossoms

Rome tends to chaos, but it’s beautiful. Early spring has sneaked up on us overnight this year, and the trees aligned along many streets in the city are in full white, pink and fuscsia bloom. Footbal is very much part … Continue reading

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“Dolce” Italy

We’re in the middle of a long weekend here in Rome, with a lot of people away on a short holiday. Today was supposed to be a laid-back long Sunday morning, thanks to the extra hour going off daylight-saving-time, but … Continue reading

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Rome update: frigo-gate and great weather

The politics of this city have been particularly distressing these last months, but we finally got a few good laughs yesterday. Papers and tweets gleefully reported the strange case of piles of old fridges left out on the streets of … Continue reading

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Blogging and flowers when it’s hot in Rome

  What’s the relationship between blogging and the real world? At a time in which a large portion of world populations seem to be going off the deep end – spurred on by insecurity and fear-mongering segments of world press … Continue reading

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United we stand, divided we … ?

Life in interesting times is the subtitle of this blog. I studiously avoid the political, but this morning I can’t help commenting on the crazy state of the world and where we’ll all going. Apologies to my usual bloggy friends. In … Continue reading

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Windshields, garages and cigarette butts in Rome

Dirty windshields, garages and cigarette butts…? Yes, because illegality is very much at home in Rome. I love my car, but it’s pretty dirty right now. From time to time yellowish Saharan sand rains down here overnight, and all the … Continue reading

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Côte d’Azur – ignoring Climate Change closer to home

We seem to have become immune to all the world climate-related catastrophes with huge numbers of victims, displaced people and financial losses. When huge killer floods hit Asian locations such as China or Bangladesh, or even the USA, or drought … Continue reading

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