Love – Hate challenge

First time I get invited to a challenge, by way of jetgirlcos, passed on from Sammy and Celine. Thanks all, nice way to start the day (mine anyway), with an impromptu little meditation on things that make me smile or frown. Weather today is really crazy, alternating clouds and sunrays and bursts of cool breeze, so being a bit meteopathic, if I redo these some other morning, chances are they’ll be different …

Anyway, today I LOVE

My dear, wonderful children, partner and friends

Champagne with a meal

Time to write

Time to travel

Jumping into crashing ocean waves (French Atlantic, not Hawaii monster sized)

The feeling of health

Night city skylines

Putting my feet up on the table when writing on my computer

Flowers everywhere, on lawns, bushes, trees and ikebana

The smell of autumn

today I HATE (can I substitute with dislike?)


Dishonesty (includes lying)




Noisy crowds (except at outdoor concerts)



Rude children

……   and the way time flies


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One Response to Love – Hate challenge

  1. jetgirlcos says:

    Thanks for joining in, Bea 🙂 You have wonderful lists. “The smell of autumn” = lovely ! And of course you may substitute “dislike” – “hate” is a horrible word indeed, I totally agree!

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