New breeze

So far so good. So many countries to look back on, life is diverse, varied and abundant. Revisiting episodes from a childhood and adolescence moving from one country to another, I remember the mystery and curiosity that accompanied all the travelling. From the packing of trunks to the reading of a travel guide to worrying about school. But on arrival it was never like I had imagined, it was somehow more down to earth, with real people, real places, and it’s the initial feel of a new breeze, a new texture, sun glowing at bizarre angles and rain suffused with unknown scents that first come to mind.

Trasimeno Befana 2006 025

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One Response to New breeze

  1. Charmion says:

    My latest new breeze is French. It’s called ”Mistral” and it has Blown away all the remnants of Italian big city life. You’re right it’s never the same as imagined; certainly down to earth with Muddy boots in the winter and lavender fields in the summer. Far, far away from the maddening crowds.

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