Hello world!

I’ve been putting this off for ages. Always so much to do, to deadline, scramble, see and learn, but in the end, if it’s not shared, somehow the glow and reality of both peak and mundane life events will eventually die off and crumble away.

Julie kick-started me on this project. Thank you Julie!



Now that I’m living and working in Italy, I’ve put my suitcases away and enjoy a multi-layered professional life, what do I want to share? Positive vibes, positive thoughts, amusing episodes, past and present and future, gratitude, anything to navigate our crazy modern frustrating, often difficult but ever so interesting times.

I mean “interesting times” as in the Chinese “May you live in interesting times!”

In fact, Italy’s the perfect place to do this from: it’s probably as…. interesting a place as places can get !

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One Response to Hello world!

  1. jbuliesblog says:

    Well look at you — CONGRATULATIONS, you are now a publisher! It’s all a learning process but I think you will see as it goes that writing a blog is a step by step building block process. You did very well on your first post. I’m honored to be the first to comment. Good luck and happy blogging.


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